Thanks to Unions on This Labour Day

Employers and Corporations did not feel generous and decide to give you two days off every week to have a social/personal life. (We now call them weekends). Corporations did not just feel like being nice one day and give their employees paid vacations. CEOs didn’t get together in a board room and say “Let’s give our employees more rights at work” or “Maybe there should be laws to limit our power over an employee”.
Virtually ALL the benefits you have at work, whether you work in the public or private sector, all of the benefits and rights you enjoy everyday are there because unions fought hard and long for them against big business who did everything they could to prevent giving you your rights. Many union leaders and members even lost their lives for things we take for granted today.
The right-wing attack on unions is nothing more than ignorance, lack of education, and propaganda.

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Gone To The Dogs



Nanaimo’s gone to the dogs (& cats) as animal lovers showed up in force at Maffeo Sutton Park today.

Paws For A Cause sponsored by the local BC SPCA was a huge success.  Lots of dogs, music & fun.


Leonard Krog, MLA couldn’t resist going to the dogs either, getting a little “dog fix” whenever he could.


Proud owners showed off their dogs & the SPCA fundraised their big hearts out to help rescue more homeless animals. A win-win situation for everybody.

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Proud New Canadians In Nanaimo

Over 70 people from 31 different countries became new Canadian citizens in Nanaimo yesterday.  The Citizenship Ceremony was presided over by Justice Deborah Gray and attended by Nanaimo MLA Leonard Krog, Nanaimo/Ladysmith MP Sheila Malcolmson and Cowichan/Langford MP Alistair MacGregor.

Congratulations and welcome to all our new Canadians.

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Freshwater Alliance

We have an important opportunity to impact the future of Canada’s freshwater rules and laws.

Until August 31st, the Government of Canada is looking for input on improving national and environmental regulation, including a potential review of the many laws that govern federal oversight of our waters.

To make sure we seize this opportunity to strengthen protection of water, we need you, either as an individual or as an organization, to take 5 minutes and submit your views on the importance of enhancing freshwater rules.

Leaders across Canada’s freshwater community believe we can do much more to protect the health of Canada’s waters.

West Coast Environmental Law Staff Lawyer Linda Nowlan says restoring the section of the Fisheries Act known as HADD–which prohibits harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat–is widely supported by First Nations, fishers, anglers, scientists, conservation groups and coastal communities, and does not require prolonged consultation.

WWF-Canada’s Elizabeth Hendricks describes the troubling trend on the lack of credible data on freshwater health across Canadian waters: “Canada’s commitment to freshwater stewardship, conservation and science-based decision-making is now a national priority. But we can’t act unless we first know what the problems are, and how they’re being made worse.“

In its alternative federal budget, the Council of Canadians highlighted that 73% of First Nations water systems are at high or medium risk of contamination.

To find out  more about how experts across the freshwater community have answered the government survey, check out our compiled responses of expert submissions!

Help turn the tide on freshwater protection in Canada by completing the Government survey by August 31st, 2016. This is only the first step in what will be a fall of opportunity for engagement on freshwater! Stay tuned as we follow and keep you posted on progress as we await government recommendations expected early in 2017.


Lindsay Telfer

PS –  I know it’s summer and time for all of us to be out enjoying our favourite freshwater places. I just got back from a camping trip to Awenda Provincial Park. It reminded me just how important this consultation is. I hope you will join me and take a few mins to complete this survey.


Canadian Freshwater Alliance, a project on the Tides Canada shared platform · 163 Hastings St W, 400, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5, Canada

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Need Volunteers at VIEX – NDP Booth

Leonard Krog, Nanaimo MLA would appreciate your help running the NDP Information booth at the Vancouver Island Exhibition (VIEX)  August 19,20, and 21, 2016.

In preparation for the upcoming election we will be managing a booth at the Vancouver Island Exhibition to publicize our MLA’s position on the major issues facing the electorate.

We are asking for volunteers to work short 3 hour shifts helping out at the booth to answer questions, distribute literature, and encourage people to sign our petitions.

Passes to the grounds will be provided for 2 people per shift .

Please email: if you are able to work any of the following shifts.

Friday Shifts:  9 – 12Noon;  12Noon – 3PM; 3 – 6PM; 6 – 9PM

Saturday Shifts:  9 – 12Noon; 12Noon – 3PM; 3 -6PM; 6 – 9PM

Sunday Shifts:  9 – 12Noon; 12Noon – 3PM.

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Nanaimo NDP Nominating Convention

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 11.40.12 PM


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Site C Pictures

Pictures of what BC Hydro is defying. Gravity and too much water wins every time.
This is the “Bedrock” that the proposed Site C dam is to be built in. It is a Shaftbury shale which was mud some 70 million years ago. A rainfall event of some 2 inches in a half hour on July 20, 2016 caused some of this slope failure. The Montmorillonite clay soils overlaying the shale is even much more unstable under wet conditions.
As noted the taxpayers of BC are going to be paying astronomical funds to support BC’s economic and environmental Disaster of the 21st Century..

Pass this on please as a picture is worth more than a 1000 words.

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