This is the official blog of the Nanaimo constituency of the BC NDP. It has no affiliation with the federal party, nor any with the provincial party beyond the local constituency association. You can reach us directly through social media. We are on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Facebook fb.me/NanaimoNDP
Google+ gplus.to/NanaimoNDP
Twitter @NanaimoNDP

All of our social media sites (including this blog) are maintained by Peter Richmond, Communications Chair for the constituency. As this is a one-man show at present, we apologise for any delays in updates or communications. We are working to expand our team and our reach.

Our current MLA is Leonard Krog.

Leonard has been serving as Nanaimo’s MLA since 2005, & we think he’s been doing such a great job that we’ve asked him to stay on.

You can reach him directly through his websiite at http://leonardkrog-mla.ca

For any other information, to get involved, or to keep up to date on local issues and events, please feel free to reach us by any of the methods above.



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