Guest Authors, Notables and Ne’er-Do-Wells

It is our great pleasure to have, both on our executive and in our general membership, prolific writers, public figures, scholars, ne’er-do-wells, socialists (no kidding), and generally talented individuals. Did you know, for example, that two city councillors, Diane Brennan and Fred Pattje, are NDP members?

We are therefore trying something new, having heard from our readers that the same names over and over again does not represent the diversity available to us, even if those names represent talented writers in their own right: we will be opening up our newsletter, and our blog, to articles from members relevant to our city and our party.

It should be noted that the views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of the Party, either provincial or federal, but rather represent the views of those individuals noted as authors, and what your Communications Committee, to the best of our ability, thinks will be of interest. We’ll still be writing, we’ll still be providing you with important constituency announcements, but we’re also reaching out to provide a voice to our members.

Our next newsletter comes out in a few days. It will feature articles from a city councillor, several members of the executive, and (of course) the same trouble-makers as always. We will be cross-posting those articles here over the coming weeks for those who may have an interest but may not be members.

If you are a member of the BC NDP in Nanaimo, and would like to contribute to future newsletters, feel free to contact your Communications Committee through the constituency executive. We’d love to hear what you’re passionate about.

If you are a member in Nanaimo and do not receive the newsletter, please let us know by the same means, and we will do what we can to fix that.


Peter Richmond
Communications Chair, Nanaimo BC NDP

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